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Things to See in Cape Town

South Africa has ascended in ubiquity in the course of recent years in the tourism business and many individuals now consider it to be a reasonable occasion destination.Cheap flights to Cape Townare being reserved constantly. I bolster this and I am to a great degree pleased with where our nation is today and what common magnificence it has. Cape Town has been my home for as long as 23 years and I have scarcely observed portion of it. I’ve gone to a portion of the primary locales that I’m posting underneath, however I haven’t generally observed all the little concealed jewels, particularly in the city itself. I know, it’s a disgrace, yet there is just such a great amount to do and see, yet I’ve recorded the top things beneath for any individual who hasn’t been in my exquisite city yet.

# Table Mountain frames a great scenery and is a need to visit, as the climate may change making it incomprehensible for the Cableway to work. Kindly don’t endeavor to climb the mountain without a qualified guide, there are heaps of neighborhood aides accessible, particularly on the off chance that you are in the downtown area. Extraordinary tip: if it’s your birthday, you get a free ride up Table Mountain in the cableway!

# The Company Gardens, where the written history of South Africa started, and where the present-day Parliament is situated. There are several museums and other interesting places to see, such as the South African Gallery, Cultural and Slave Lodge museums, the South African Jewish Museum, as well as the Holocaust Centre. It’s easy to walk to some historic and architectural gems, meet the locals, and spend time in the colourful Bo-Kaap.

# Visit the popular V&A Waterfront, home to the Two Oceans Aquarium, Chavonnes Battery Museum, Diamond Museum, entertainment, the old harbour, 400+ shops, 40+ restaurants, and more. Gold, diamonds and Tanzanite jewellery may be one of your tax-free mementoes to take home. There are many excellent options. Choose a restaurant for dinner, or go to Long Street where the night life is vibrant.

# Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. This is a most beautiful venue on the flanks of Table Mountain. Large open spaces to explore with complete natural beauty, you can also take a walk on the tree top “boomslang” (bridge) that allows you to overlook the entire Kirstenbosch.

# Take a walk in the Heritage Garden in Green Point, near the Cape Town Stadium, and visit the Sea Point Contact, which was important to Charles Darwin. Or just relax at Camps Bay overlooking the ocean at sunset, from a restaurant. There are so many possibilities to enjoy!

# Go visit the world famous surfers beach in Muizenburg on a hot summer day. This beach is incredible, long stretches of gold sand with loads of smiling faces and fun activities going on. You’ll feel like you just transported to a beach in Mauritius or better yet, a beach in Cape Town!

Whatever you decide to do, visiting Cape Town is a must if you’re planning a trip to South Africa. The costs are fairly cheap as well, meals, drinks and taxi fares. Safety is not a problem if you are vigilant, like anywhere in the world, petty crime is a problem and if you’re going to keep your guard down, you will be an easy target. Keep your valuables inside a bag and not in plain sight and you should be fine. Avoid the informal settlements as these areas are often ridden with crime as there are just not enough law enforcement in the country to keep a close eye on all the informal areas. In the city can be dangerous as well as there is often a lot of people and criminals tend to hide in the masses of people. Always walk with your hands in or on your pockets if you’re carrying valuables as there has been many pick pocketing cases and avoiding it is super easy, just be careful and prepared for any incident. Other than the petty crimes, Cape Town can be a very safe place for a tourist, just use common sense when you’re traveling, don’t act like a tourist, don’t act like you don’t know anything about the area you are visiting, be confident and enjoy your time. You can book your cheap flights to Cape Town here.