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Explore the Beauty of Brazil

Whether we discuss the celebrated football group of the world, beautiful Rio de Janeiro Carnival or the great Iguazu Falls, Brazil is one nation that will take your heart away in only one visit. Being the biggest nation of South America, it covers a greater part of the landmass’ northeastern locale. There are such a large number of fascinating spots to investigate in Brazil, appropriate from the Amazon rainforest in the North to the tropical shorelines in the South to the lively cities and Pantanal wetlands in the Southeast.

# Rio de Janeiro

Settled in the southeastern Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is renowned for jamboree celebration, historic points, mountains and shorelines, making it the most went to city of South America. This place is arranged on one of the biggest harbors of the world encompassed by common attractions. Furthermore, the jamboree festivity is the highlight of the city with dynamic parades, ensembles, firecrackers, music, move and road parties and ought not be missed in your Brazil occasion.

# Foz do Iguacu

Located on the Iguazu River, Iguazu Falls is a series of magnificent waterfalls making it the most stunning natural wonders of the world. The falls offers a breathtaking view in itself, but their beauty is highlighted even more by the surrounding lush forest teeming in exotic wildlife.

# Salvador

Add a visit to Salvador in your holiday package to explore a historic old city with lively culture. This place houses the world’s biggest Carnival celebrations and offers beautiful beaches that are perfect for swimming, surfing and sunbathing.

# Manaus

Manaus is an important tourist destination in Brazil and therefore a lot of travelers like to include this place in their Brazil holiday package. This beautiful location serves as the gateway to the Amazon rainforest. Be it the Rio Negro Palace, Amazonas Opera House or the significant sight of meeting the waters (the two rivers of Negro and Solimões), Manaus is a perfect tourist destination.

# Olinda

Nestled on a picturesque hilltop surrounded by trees, this city is treasure for colorful old houses, colonial churches, museums and numerous artisan studios. Olinda hosts its lively carnival celebration every year that features music, dances and traditions of African culture.

# Recife

Showcasing numerous waterways and bridges, Recife is quite popular as the “Venice of Brazil”. Situated amidst tropical forests with many rivers and islands, this city is a must-add in your Brazil holiday. Besides, this place is well-known for its vibrant culture, historic old towns and pristine beaches.