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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Overrated Tourist Places

You touch base at that must-see vacation destination, investigate, take a pic or two and afterward ponder internally: “Is that it?”

In all actuality travel doesn’t generally give incredible encounters, and you’re not going to love all that you see or visit. A portion of the world’s most famous visitor locales completely experience the buildup. Be that as it may, some of them will be normal, some will exhaust and some will be so baffling you’ll ask why you even troubled by any stretch of the imagination.

Obviously travel is subjective and what one individual adores, someone else despises. In any case, here are 10 visitor traps considered so exaggerated you might need to skip them inside and out.

# The Mona Lisa, Paris, France

It may be the most acclaimed painting on the planet, however once you set your eyes on it for yourself, it’s likewise rather disappointing. Hanging in the Louver, this woman with the questionable grin is little in size (20.87 inches wide x 30.32 inches tall), she’s cordoned off behind a velvet security rope no less than 15 feet away and there’s regularly a bumping throng of individuals six feet profound attempting to get a look at her. Indeed, even extraordinary writer Paulo Coelho put the representation on his “meh” list, once broadly pronouncing: “With all due regard, the Mona Lisa is misrepresented.”

# Manneken Pis, Brussels, Belgium

It’s one of the most photographed statues in the world, it adorns almost every postcard in Brussels and everyone says you just have to see it. But Brussels’ most famous monument is pretty much just a tiny statue of a boy having a pee. This underwhelming ode to a naked kid urinating into a fountain’s basin is in the center of the city, so the good news is you can see it incidentally on your way to the next pub for another round of Belgian beer.

# Stonehenge, Amesbury, England

How did it get there? What was it used for? Were aliens involved? While it’s cool to ponder what this mysterious collection of standing rocks is all about, the fact that you can’t get anywhere near it (rope barriers keep you at a lengthy distance), the site is near a freeway and there’s nothing else nearby – like a museum or information center to explain it all – sort of kills the hype.

# The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

After you’ve taken that clichéd photo pretending to hold up the tower, there’s not much else to do here. The tower, Duomo and Piazza dei Miracoli are beautiful to simply admire, but the hawkers who patrol the area are annoying. It’s also a long journey and often expensive train ticket to get there, especially if you’re coming all the way from Rome.

# Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, anywhere in the world

Do you really want to spend your precious holiday time pretending to kiss (or grope) a misshapen version of Brad Pitt or Kim Kardashian? Unless you’re a celebrity-obsessed tween, you can skip this ordinary experience of snapping pictures of yourself with creepy wax figures that kind of look like their Hollywood equivalent. And only when you squint.

# The Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt

They’re undeniably one of the world’s greatest wonders. But combine the pyramids with hordes of tourists and aggressive touts trying to sell you everything from a camel ride to a plastic figurine of what you’re trying to look at in peace, and your visit can feel a little disappointing. These amazing wonders also aren’t in the remote desert like you might think, but set against the backdrop of fast food outlets, so you can stare at them while scoffing your Pizza Hut. It’s only when you go inside the Great Pyramid and explore the burial chamber that you’ll really feel the magic. The pyramids are absolutely still worth a visit, but outside is unfortunately a bit of a circus.

# Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany

It was the name given to the Berlin Wall’s most well-known crossing point between East and West Berlin during the Cold War. These days, Checkpoint Charlie is just a small booth surrounded by sandbags and actor soldiers being photographed by tourists – right beside McDonald’s. Even though there’s little left to recall the atmosphere of those Cold War days, it’s still an iconic marker of that infamous territorial boundary.

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Little Mermaid is Denmark’s most photographed statue, dedicated to the famous fairytale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. But you have to make an effort to see it (she sits on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade), it’s smaller than you expect (the statue is about 4-feet tall) and its background is an industrial harbor front.

# The London Eye, London, England

The London Eye is one of the top tourist attractions in London, but it’s really just a glorified Ferris wheel which you get stuck on for a decent amount of time. The wheel rotates at 10 inches per second (about 0.9 kph or 0.6 mph), so one revolution takes around 30 minutes (how long do you need to stare at a skyline?). Plus, the entrance is hefty, with standard tickets starting from GBP21.20, or USD26.70, and that’s if you buy online.

# Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, USA

Do you like staring at the pavement while getting harassed by people dressed as super heroes or Marilyn Monroe? Then head to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This tourist attraction is just an annoyingly busy sidewalk filled with crowds taking pictures of the floor and lined with tacky souvenir shops. It can be safely stuck on your “meh” list.

Things to See in Cape Town

South Africa has ascended in ubiquity in the course of recent years in the tourism business and many individuals now consider it to be a reasonable occasion destination.Cheap flights to Cape Townare being reserved constantly. I bolster this and I am to a great degree pleased with where our nation is today and what common magnificence it has. Cape Town has been my home for as long as 23 years and I have scarcely observed portion of it. I’ve gone to a portion of the primary locales that I’m posting underneath, however I haven’t generally observed all the little concealed jewels, particularly in the city itself. I know, it’s a disgrace, yet there is just such a great amount to do and see, yet I’ve recorded the top things beneath for any individual who hasn’t been in my exquisite city yet.

# Table Mountain frames a great scenery and is a need to visit, as the climate may change making it incomprehensible for the Cableway to work. Kindly don’t endeavor to climb the mountain without a qualified guide, there are heaps of neighborhood aides accessible, particularly on the off chance that you are in the downtown area. Extraordinary tip: if it’s your birthday, you get a free ride up Table Mountain in the cableway!

# The Company Gardens, where the written history of South Africa started, and where the present-day Parliament is situated. There are several museums and other interesting places to see, such as the South African Gallery, Cultural and Slave Lodge museums, the South African Jewish Museum, as well as the Holocaust Centre. It’s easy to walk to some historic and architectural gems, meet the locals, and spend time in the colourful Bo-Kaap.

# Visit the popular V&A Waterfront, home to the Two Oceans Aquarium, Chavonnes Battery Museum, Diamond Museum, entertainment, the old harbour, 400+ shops, 40+ restaurants, and more. Gold, diamonds and Tanzanite jewellery may be one of your tax-free mementoes to take home. There are many excellent options. Choose a restaurant for dinner, or go to Long Street where the night life is vibrant.

# Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. This is a most beautiful venue on the flanks of Table Mountain. Large open spaces to explore with complete natural beauty, you can also take a walk on the tree top “boomslang” (bridge) that allows you to overlook the entire Kirstenbosch.

# Take a walk in the Heritage Garden in Green Point, near the Cape Town Stadium, and visit the Sea Point Contact, which was important to Charles Darwin. Or just relax at Camps Bay overlooking the ocean at sunset, from a restaurant. There are so many possibilities to enjoy!

# Go visit the world famous surfers beach in Muizenburg on a hot summer day. This beach is incredible, long stretches of gold sand with loads of smiling faces and fun activities going on. You’ll feel like you just transported to a beach in Mauritius or better yet, a beach in Cape Town!

Whatever you decide to do, visiting Cape Town is a must if you’re planning a trip to South Africa. The costs are fairly cheap as well, meals, drinks and taxi fares. Safety is not a problem if you are vigilant, like anywhere in the world, petty crime is a problem and if you’re going to keep your guard down, you will be an easy target. Keep your valuables inside a bag and not in plain sight and you should be fine. Avoid the informal settlements as these areas are often ridden with crime as there are just not enough law enforcement in the country to keep a close eye on all the informal areas. In the city can be dangerous as well as there is often a lot of people and criminals tend to hide in the masses of people. Always walk with your hands in or on your pockets if you’re carrying valuables as there has been many pick pocketing cases and avoiding it is super easy, just be careful and prepared for any incident. Other than the petty crimes, Cape Town can be a very safe place for a tourist, just use common sense when you’re traveling, don’t act like a tourist, don’t act like you don’t know anything about the area you are visiting, be confident and enjoy your time. You can book your cheap flights to Cape Town here.

About The Taj Mahal

When you arrive Agra trip from anyplace on the planet, so the primary thing that comes in your brain is that it is the Taj Mahal. Truth be told, the city is additionally the home of various excellent and well known legacies of the world, which all remind the immense culture and history of the overcome rulers. For some, the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri are known as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. When you have just a single day for going to this city, so go here on the Taj Mahal day trip from Delhi, and filling your heart with joy trip amazing. The Taj Mahal is a standout amongst the most prestigious traveler spots, which rapidly discover a place in the top going to spots of India and its staggering design snatches your consideration.

In the event that despite everything you haven’t certain that is the reason you visit the Taj Mahal, so here we recorded main 5 reasons that truly should visit this lovely building at any rate once time before you bite the dust.

# The rich History

The Taj Mahal history is most interesting in the world, which remind of the Mughal time. The beautiful structure is representing the great love story of two people, the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. After death of Mumrtaz, Shah Jahan was decided to build this Mahal. Looks approx 17th century date back, the imposing monument still exhibits the gorgeous royalty and living-life of the Mughals era.  An amazing visit to the Taj Mahal day trip from Delhi takes you back in the magical time of the past India and gives an apparent break your mind from the present times.

# The Architecture

A lot of people come to see the Taj Mahal architecture, is a wonderful and amazing piece of Mughals more than something else. It is absolutely known as one of the most popular and spectacular palaces ever built. The Taj Mahal has taken almost 22 years for the completion and many workers, elephants and so on was used to complete this palace. It is completely made out with the semi-translucent white marble and precious stones. The architecture depicts the mixture of Islamic, Persian and Indian architectural styles. The main architect of the Taj Mahal was Ustad Isa Shirazi. You will be amazed, while you see the architecture of this unreliable grand structure

# The Glamour

You could have been seen the Taj Mahal’s glamour in several Bollywood and Hollywood movies and also read articles about it for understanding the charm of the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal adds so much beauty at every frame, but it cannot help you, the beauty of the Mahal can only understand with visit it. For wish to add more glamour of this monument, watching the movies, strolling and dancing of your favorite stars around the Taj Mahal.

# Prodigy of the world and  UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Taj Mahal has been coming in the world’s most renowned tourist places and mostly liked by visitors from across the world.  Being one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal beauty is awe-inspired your eyes when you go Taj Mahal day trip from Delhi. In the years 1983, the beautiful edifice has been converted into the UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site. Whether you are in the country and want to see the most cultural place, so wouldn’t to miss out seeing the Taj Mahal that holds your attention.

# The Epitome of love and romance

The Taj Mahal is the very biggest and popular symbol of love and romance. Shah Jahan built this lovely structure for the remembrance of her third beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, she died in the year 1631 after giving birth of her fourteenth child. Mumtaz was the favorite wife of Shah Jahan and help his for business and other activities. All the excellence, time and effort that involved in constructing this pretty palace are representing the feeling of the Emperor Shah Jahan had for his begum, Mumtaz. When you stop vis-a-vis of the Taj Mahal with an open mouth and an amazed heart, so you feel an emotion of  Emperor’s love for his wife.

These 5 reasons about the Taj Mahal, surely pulls your attention and wish to visit the Taj Mahal one time in a life.

Be a Good Traveler

Our reality is only a bit of magnificence that makes us astonished at each purpose of time our eyes hit something surprising. Yes! Magnificence lies in bizarreness. There are individuals around you as are you around them as simply one more being. So what conveys shading to our lives is the thing that new we must witness. What’s more, that is the place voyaging assumes its beauteous part in our lives. To encounter distinctive shades of magnificence, one must travel. Be that as it may, simply gathering your packs and heading towards your idea goal would not procure in the same class as you anticipate. The travel from great to best requires attributes and words that one ought to safeguard.

The underneath are the words that identify with each travel and ought to be esteemed amid the adventure:

# Money 

There are travel thoughts that each mind concocts. In any case, the most exceedingly awful obstruction that crown jewels even the creative energy of it, is cash. To be sure, every individual manages this question of what amount of cash is required? However, a large portion of them attempt to cover it with reserve funds, procuring increasingly or getting, and significantly more to travel their fantasy goals. Money related fight expels each considered travel and should be taken care of with care. It must be considered shrewdly before making any stride. As this would be a venturing stone to distinguishing your inn, sustenance, inward travel, shopping, and enterprise to give some examples.

# Plan

It is said that a great plan is not always as great as it turns after implementation. So plan every bit before your journey and implement it too. For most of us, planning is a bit hassle. Yet remember, a good plan has fewer chances of failing than no planning. Your visits are just a mere existence of yours in just another place. Certain groundwork is sure to add more information about your journey that can shun away obnoxious elements coming your way. Plan what you will eat, where would you stay, how would travel to the destination and when will you reach and how will you end your trip. Plan if the above questions are not met, as well.

# Learn

We all learn something but not the required element. If traveling to a place where your language is not theirs then learning a few local phrases would be an icing on the cake. Learning to communicate is just a way to show kind gestures towards their culture. Also, get yourself informed about the culture and what are the dos and don’ts required.

# Know

A journey is half done without meeting the locals. Now the point is to be a good traveler and appreciate everything. Furthermore, your good habits can be a call for trouble at some places. So, one should be well aware of the gestures and words to be used. “Know your surrounding, make your journey blissful”.

# Understand

A basic knowledge and little commonsense is all that we need on our journey. Certainly, this sounds dumb, but the most basic aspects are the ones that we forget during crucial times. Being humble and understanding that the people you are meeting and place you are visiting are totally different than your culture. So understand their way of culture and do not hop into a judgmental cloud.

# Patience

Maybe the place where you live is not as cumbersome as the dream destination of yours. It might be slow and not as pacy as your daily life. But, it is your dream destination and your wish has just come true. Do not let it spoil with your habits that are not fitting every corner of the world. Make sure you pile up yourself with the huge amount of patience when you leave for your journey.

These simple yet effective words make your journey the real good, if not best. Try these and let the world be a more happy place to live in.